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Name: Bethany
Age: 15
Bands: evanescence, eminem, lately nothing but korn
Books: anne rice vampire series, right now Dracula and Guilty Pleasures
Fave Colors: black, red, grey- really i like anything except orange
Hate: backstabbers, close-minded people
Like: friends, music, the usual
Who Are You? ... me
Dark Funniness, please: me and my brother call rape forced love... not that funny but neh
Any Last Words? Yeah, I have a sick twisted sense of humor... but most of the time thats just moment things- I probably won't come out w/ too many jokes
Person: "I didn't know hair could bleed." ( I have red streaks)
Me: "If you don't shut up, so will you."

Person: " Shave your legs."
Me: " Shave yours. Really close. To the bone"

(author please don't sue me for copyright)

He: "Have you seen a dead body?"
Person: "No."
He: "Well, I could let you become one."
Here's a pretty crap joke I picked-up at school. It's not very dark, but meh.

Why does Michael Jackson like 20 6 year olds?

Coz there's twenty of them.

Makes so much more sense if you actually say it rather than write it. Funnier too.


A dead baby joke.

What's worse than a six babies in a trashcan?

A baby in six trashcans.

Hear Ye, Hear Ye

Uh, changing apps a little and being approved is no longer required to be in this comm.
Over and out.


Wow, it's kind of empty in here. Methinks you need a better advertising campaign.
Ok, here's my aplication thing:

Name: Courtney
Age: 14
Bands: Evanescence, The Darkness
Books: Series of Unfortunate Events, Bartimaeus Trilogy
Fave Colors: Dark Purple, Blue-Grey
Hate: ...Carrots?
Like: Angst
Who Are You? Some random with too much time on her hands
Any Last Words? Yeah, the only connection I have with black humor is people telling me how they or someone else has gotten hurt real bad and I just laugh at them. There's a word for that...

Now, I'm going to go promote this sad, empty little community to my friends.


Now you have a member...I'm not sure if I was supposed to fill out this application thingie or not...so I'll do it to be on the safe side...


Name: Kenneth 004
Age: 19
Bands: Disturbed, Rammstein
Books: Military themed stories
Fave Colors: Navy Blue, Midnight Blue
Hate: Hatred
Like: Lots of things
Who Are You? - Crazy
Any Last Words? - "Nope, I do not fore-see any problems with what I am about to do! This is totally safe!"

It Is Darkest Before Dawn...

This is the first entry in my new comunity. Go crazy.