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blackerthandark's Journal

Blacker Than Dark
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This is a community of darkness and strangeness. It is a catch-all community - the content welcomed can range from a dark joke to a photograph of a gothic castle to instructions for Victorian hair brooches to an analytic survey on nightmares and how they affect human nature. All is welcome. "Darkness" is what is considered taboo by the society you live in and/or what the average middle school student would call you weird for taling about.

There are some rules.

1. No serious threatening to the members or applicants.
2. No racism or sexism. Period. I'm sure there are plenty of comms for that.
3. Entries will be posted in the memories if A.) they had been posted two times or more. B.)If they are considered memory-worthy by others (for example, if someone posts something so unique and awesome that it would be a shame to have it burried somewhere). Please look in the memories before posting if you suspect the subject of your post may have been posted before in this community (there are *currently* no memories, but this will change as the community grows).
4. I, as the mod, can hereby ban you, if you break the rules.

And here's a section for any communities I may choose to affiliate with (most of them will be small - so if you want to further your community somehow, then you can affiliate with this community - I'll probably agree to affiliate.) Big ones can affiliate, too ;)

kenneth004 - A community dedicated to randomness.

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3/12 Update
New members please promote at least once!

7/11/06 Update: This community is now a catch-all for all that is dark.